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Online Courses

You would like to understand the principles of a healthy body and mind and the role nutrition plays in achieving both. You prefer working through the content in your own time and learn how to apply the knowledge you gained step by step.

With the knowledge from the online courses you can make changes to your diet and see significant changes to your wellbeing. All our courses include lots of free materials and an e-book with recipes!

Course list

How Nutrition and Lifestyle impact your Mental Health and Brain Performance

    • Launch: November 2020


The Fit & Healthy Vegan

    • Launch: February 2021


Master Working from Home for yourself and your Teams

    • Launch: February 2021


Embracing Menopause – how to manage side effects, protect your body and brain and make it the best time of your life!

    • Launch: January 2021


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Life is Good – Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition Coach