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Life is Good has teamed up with PT Karen Roberts

Life is Good has teamed up with PT Karen Roberts

We are proud to announce that we have started a great cooperation with Karen Roberts, Personal Trainer in Taunton- look at her website here to check out her story and what she can offer. Life is Good will support her clients with great nutrition to reach their individual goals!

Karen and her clients exercise a lot now they can nourish their bodies properly and speed up success. A healthy body will recover quicker, will lose fat faster and look more toned.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete, or an everyday sportsperson, Life is Good Nutrition is can help everybody who is serious about their training with targeted nutrition by giving practical nutritional guidelines. We will provide our great plans and coaching as usual but take your training schedule into account. You will eat the right foods for your body on training days and rest days. No calorie-counting, no shakes, no fad diet, just great food!

Once you know your nutritional deficiencies, you will team up with your body and give it the foods it needs. The results are stunning: more energy, better sleep, a healthy complexion- and usually weight loss as a bonus!

You can choose between 12 week plans or the amazing Life is Good Ongoing Online Nutrition Coaching. You will receive

  • foods to eat / to avoid
  • tasty recipe suggestions for main meals and snacks
  • tips for nutrition on the go
  • A food list to mix and match ingredients
  • Hydration advice
  • Nutrient dense nutrition
  • Meal ideas and whole food recipe ideas loaded with goodness
  • Meal planning and batch cooking
  • swap it lists to mix and match ingredients

Karen’s clients will receive an exclusive discount!

Book your training with Karen here and benefit from a great nutrition plan which will help you not only during exercise but every day of your life!

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