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Nutrition for Individuals

We are all different – what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another

This is why I have been specialising in Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle and helping my clients to team up with their body instead of working against it with a restricted diet. Reprogram your way of eating for good: eat strategically, exercise to support your goals, make your brain your strongest ally and never follow a diet again!

My personalised online nutrition plans include 4 private video consultations so you have my help at hand to increase your wellbeing without the need of travelling to a consultation.

Personalised Nutrition plans and coaching programmes work around your lifestyle and needs. A no-nonsense way to help you to live healthier with easy and delicious recipes and lots of tips and tricks. Forget about feeling tired, sluggish and deprived.

You will get all the important nutrients to achieve your healthy weight, have more energy and look and feel incredible.

This is not a diet or a quick fix – it’s the start to a new way of life! For good.

Personal Trainer Carola Becker sitting on the floor with black cat


  • Results oriented step-by-step guidance to eat well, developing the mind set to embrace change
  • Help you see quick and ongoing results


We will help you:

  • track your progress
  • adapt your programme
  • keep it interesting and rewarding


Forget willpower and guilt around foods and lifestyle:

  • Once you know what’s best for you, your new habits become a way of life!

Choose the programme that’s best for you:

Personalised Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

You are feeling OK, but you would like to feel amazing! You are looking for personalised support to improve your diet, lifestyle and wellbeing.

How it works:

Arrange a private 90min virtual zoom consultation

Fill in the food diary and send it over to info@life-is-good.co.uk 24hrs before our session

During the consultation we will get to know each other, and I can gain an understanding of your life and routines. Part of the consultation will be a discussion of your food diary, evaluation your nutritional deficiencies and finding the foods, nutrients and lifestyle changes that will transform your body, mind and life!

Within a week after your initial consultation, you will receive a personalised 50-60 page pdf document with all the details you need to start eating and living well. It includes food lists, a sample meal plan, healthy recipes and lots of background information about the topics which are important to you. You will have unlimited email access to me to discuss any initial questions.

In addition, we will arrange three follow up consultations as part of your programme as and when you need to monitor your progress and keep you motivated!

“I was fed up with not enjoying the food I was eating, confused over what was actually healthy and what wasn’t, and vowed that I would never go back to the slimming club which I had dipped in and out of over many years. Although I was active and did sport two to three times per week I never really knew what were the best food choices for me. Carola tailored weekly meal plans for me which took into account the days I exercised and popped in a few extra exercises too.

She gave me the confidence to eat foods which I was wary of eating before and helped me to build up the nutrients that I was lacking in. I never felt hungry or that I was missing out on anything. Our main aim was to improve my nutrition and Carola explained that weight loss would be beneficial side effect of this (no mention of the word diet!!).
At the end of the 12 weeks I had lost weight, and my skin and hair have improved. More importantly my energy levels have risen and this has improved my fitness level too. Carola’s support throughout has been invaluable and I cannot thank her enough!”

– Rachel

Let’s work together! Book your initial discovery call here to discuss how I can help you.

As a start, you can download your food diary .

Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle plans include 4 private video consultations.

Nutrition Plan

Lose weight, gain energy, feel great (incl 4 consultations)

Personalised Sports
Nutrition Plan
The nutrition plan that works around your training schedule to make you stronger and faster (incl 4 consultations)

Partner Plan
Team up with a partner, make changes together and live well! (incl 5 consultations)

Exclusive Personal Lifestyle Coaching

You aim to become a corporate athlete and healthy leader, full of vitality, who inspires their team on a daily basis.  You are determined to make big shifts to your wellbeing, energy levels, mental and physical health & fitness, as well as increasing your focus and productivity.

Your life – your goals – your programme!

This programme will change your life. Follow the 3-month or 6-month nutrition coaching programme to achieve more and feel amazing. The entire programme will be tailored around your individual goals and involves carefully designed steps to ensure your ongoing success.

Together we will find ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in your busy schedule and how to make your brain your strongest ally. I will work with you on a one2one basis with regular private video consultations and priority access to me by email, text, WhatsApp etc whenever you need me.

Personal Lifestyle Coaching is available for 3-6 months. Please note that a waiting list may apply.

Book your discovery call here  so I can help you finding the best way forward!

Nutritional coach Carola Becker

Let's make it happen!

Book a consultation

Carola Becker is an extremely passionate, highly knowledgeable Nutritionist. I not only have benefitted from her support, reliability & genuine passion for getting your mind, diet & body into an excellent place, consistently, but furthermore I have formed a wonderful friendship with her through this.

It is testament to her professionalism & experience in what she does, that she has been able to guide me to turn a corner with my diet, how I conduct my daily routine & ultimately the impact that has had on my life. I continue to work with Carola on a long-term basis to achieve my personal goals, I cannot recommend her service highly enough.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at ben@benspalding.co.uk for further information.

Ben Spalding
www.benspalding.co.uk ​

Personalised Nutrition Plans Personal Lifestyle Coaching
Free 30 min intro session (phone or zoom) Yes Yes
1.5hrs initial consultation via phone or zoom Yes Yes, with written summary
1hr follow up coaching consultations Yes, 3 sessions over 12 weeks Yes, 10 sessions over 12 weeks with written summary
Email support Yes, for duration of programme (12 weeks) Yes, ongoing priority access
Phone/text/WhatsApp support between sessions No Yes, priority access
Evaluation of current diet and lifestyle Yes, online Yes, in personal one2one sessions
Assessment of nutritional deficiencies Yes, online Yes, in personal one2one sessions
Personalised sample meal plan Yes, once as part of the plan Yes, amended regularly
Exercise plan Yes, generic Yes, personalised and amended regularly
Pantry makeover No Yes
Access to online course ‘Wellbeing for busy people’ No Yes
Email reminder series with tips and tricks No Yes, weekly
Please call to discuss fees Wellbeing Plan
Sports Nutrition Plan
Partner Plan
Personal Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

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Life is Good – Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition Coach