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Nutrition for Corporates

Healthy teams make better decisions  –
it’s time to bring nutrition back onto the agenda!

Sir Cary Cooper, a professor at Manchester Business School, says: “Health and wellbeing at work is now a bottom-line issue if organisations want higher levels of productivity, lower absence and presenteeism, and talent retention.

Strategic workplace wellbeing with nutrition at its heart, presents a platform which will result not only in thriving teams, but benefits the organisation at the same time.

Investing in your employees with a nutrition and wellness programme, tailored around the needs of your business, will increase productivity and focus in your people and ultimately will save you money: reduced number of sick days and less staff turnover. Your team will feel valued and inspired, a feeling of mutual respect will be fostered and your company’s public’s perception will increase.

There is a wealth of evidence that shows having a healthy, engaged workforce brings clear benefits – for employees and business alike – with improved focus and productivity. In the current climate looking after your staff may well give you the edge and help put you ahead of the curve.

Carola will deliver science-based nutrition advice in an interactive and engaging style. Food should be fuel and fun, no need for ‘finger-wagging’!

How much can healthy eating help?

One study published by Brigham Young University found that eating an unhealthy diet puts you at a 66% increased risk of productivity loss.

Invest in your Nutrition Strategy now – your teams and your business will benefit!

All workshops and talks will include:

  • Foundation building – clear and simple, science-based guidance on what, when and how much to eat.
  • Success at home – how to set up your home for success, creating healthy and easy meals (with recipes).
  • Success at work & on the go – how to eat well away from home, stay productive at work and find tasty meals and snacks to eat out or pack on the go.
  • Living deliciously! – Develop a positive relationship with food, understand hunger, cravings, and intuitive eating.

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“Fabulous morning spent hearing about workplace wellbeing with the amazing Carola. Taken away some great tips and advice!”

Attendee at Corporate Wellbeing Event

“A thoroughly interesting morning with Mark, Vikki and Carola talking about Corporate Wellbeing from different yet interrelated angles. This does need to go viral! Indeed, the best breakfast I ever had!”

Susi Titchener, South West Growth Service

“Thank you for your presentation today. The immediate feedback has been fantastic!”

Workshop participant at Active Learning Group

Organisations Carola has worked with in the past

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